Spiritual Training

Are you a healing Arts Practitioner?

Is the Spirit world calling you to work with them?

Are you drawn to shamanic and earth based healing?

Are you looking for guidance, teachings, and ancient remedies to grow your gifts?

For over ten years, I have been offering spiritual mentorship and training for specific individuals sent to me via the Great Spirit. I have offered trainings and sessions to people all over the world. I have often been referred to as the “healer’s healer,” as about 80% of the clients I work with are healers.

I teach everything from the basic protocols of how to work with the spiritual realm, the 13 dimensions the shaman works in, clearing and releasing spirits (extraction), the different types of deities, celestial beings, ancestral realms, healing herbs, and ceremony.

Depending on the individual and their gifts or what we call “medicine,” I design specialized programs that are similar, but unique to unlock healing abilities for those ready to serve and share their uniqueness.

In this modern time, there are a lot of people called to work in the spiritual fields. However, there is a lack of teachers who teach foundational and fundamental spiritual laws. I have seen the destruction this can cause both for the healer and the client. There are ancient protocols and universal laws that once violated can cause illness, destruction, “bad luck,” and even death. This is why it is important for all spiritualist to learn and understand the proper protocols before working with others.

Spiritual healing is a gift. It is not a path you choose, but chooses you.

Some of the common “symptoms” of someone receiving a calling are:

*Dreams of ancestors and/or spirits coming to you calling you to help them or go to sacred places of initiation

*Spiritual teachers coming out of the “blue” with messages from the spirit world

*Mysterious illness sometimes psychosis where no drug or doctor can help

*People and animals dying around you

*Very bad misfortune and everything collapsing, giving you time to explore the deeper spiritual mysteries

*Healing abilities suddenly turning on like the ability to know things before they happen, tingling in your hands, psychic gifts.

*People coming out of nowhere seeking your help

*Meeting a life changing person who awakens things within you leading you down a healing journey

*An overwhelming desire to serve and sacrifice your life for the greater good

*Strong empathic senses where you feel other’s pain and/or know what to do to ease it

*Visiting a power place and having a sudden “Awakening” that leads you to the spiritual path

There is a difference between having a spiritual calling and spirit possession. This is why it is important to work with someone who can see correctly. Many people feel they are “shamans,” but when we do the cleansing , we find that it was actually “spirit possession,” where an ancestor or trickster spirit was guiding and sometimes possessing the person.

Trickster spirits can manipulate people to believe they are grandiose, and can often attract large groups of people, can know the future, can be charming, but ultimately are very deceptive.

The first part of any authentic shamanic training is an evaluation of who you are, what your gifts are, and if in fact the spiritual world is calling you.

Traditionally Medicine People never offer “general” courses, they never seek out students. Students are brought to them via the spirit world, and to study in the traditional ways means you undertake a grueling apprentorship where you live and work for your teacher until you are ready to see clients and do the healing work.

There are strict rules of obedience and selfless service. In this modern time, it is unfortunate that people do not give the proper time to develop their gifts and fully understand who and what they work with. There are so many “courses” that teach basic shamanism, or “colonized versions” of shamanism. This is why many medicine people remain under the radar.

In fact, most people will pass right by the authentic medicine people, and go towards the trickster because authentic medicine people will not wear headdresses and fancy regalia, they are usually average looking, and do not have huge followings. They remain humble. They know that those who are really called by the spiritual world will know who they are, because the spirits will show them. This is just one of many filters used in this modern day to keep the work pure.

Often times, people miss their calling, and suffer because they did not know, or meet a teacher who could help guide them.

If you have been sent here, feel the calling to open your gifts, are willing to take time to cultivate and train, and are ready, willing, and able to give your all to your calling, I have a special introductory session for us to go deeper into your spiritual calling and see what the spirit world advises.

SESSIONS ARE VIA ZOOM or phone ONLY at this time. Sessions are recorded for legal purposes only. You will not receive a recording, unless you record it yourself. Be sure to take notes.