Before Your Session-Read This

Terms of Service and Disclaimer/Waiver

Payer/Clients must be 18 years of age or older. 

Readings are for entertainment purposes only.

This service does not replace medical, legal, financial, or mental health consultations with licensed professionals. Payer/Client is solely responsible for all decisions made, actions taken, and conclusions reached before, during, and after this service. Provider of service Song Bird Grand Mother LLC is not liable or responsible for outcomes or losses in any way. Payer/Client will be honest to the best of their knowledge regarding their family background and personal experiences. No audio or video recordings are allowed unless created by provider of service. Payer/Client will not approach service with intent to “de-bunk” or defame provider of service without prior notification of such intent to provider of service. Song Bird Grand Mother LLC is not responsible in any way for actions, conclusions, or decisions made by Payer/Client before, during, or after this service. Use service “at your own risk.”

Readings are recorded and archived for legal purposes ONLY. They are NOT available for purchase and will NOT be distributed. Note-taking is encouraged.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

All sales are final. If Client wishes to cancel for any reason, there is no refund. Clients may reschedule at no cost twice. Although availability is not guaranteed.

Song Bird Grand Mother LLC reserves the right to refuse service to any one, for any reason, at any time.  

If Song Bird Grand Mother LLC has to stop a session prematurely due to the actions, behavior, or intent of Client, no refund will be issued. 

If Song Bird Grand Mother LLC has to cancel a session due to emergency or time conflict, an offer to reschedule will be extended. If the offer to reschedule is rejected, a full refund will be issued. 

No-shows will not receive a refund. 

If Client is dissatisfied with the quality of the reading, the Client may request a full refund within the first 10 minutes of the reading. Requests for refunds will not be accepted after 10 minutes.

There are NO exceptions to the above policies. 

Is A Reading Right For You Right Now?

Most people are ready for a session with a medium 4 to 6 months after a loved one’s passing. If you feel pretty “normal” most of the time and are fulfilling all of your normal responsibilities, that’s a sign you’re probably ready for a session. If you are experiencing debilitating grief, depression, anxiety, psychiatric symptoms, or addiction, it is recommended that treatment or therapy is done for those issues first before scheduling with me or any psychic/medium. More than anything, our loved ones in spirit want us to lead healthy, happy, productive lives. Connecting with your loved ones in spirit might be an activity best enjoyed later in your healing journey. Your loved ones in spirit aren’t going anywhere! You won’t miss out by waiting until a better time. 

If you experience excessive shame, low self-worth, or guilt for any reason on a daily basis, I recommend looking into counseling or therapy first before scheduling with a psychic or medium. Your loved ones in spirit will likely emphasize the importance of dealing with those issues first before proceeding with session. If you have addiction, health choices, or interpersonal issues that you are choosing not to address that are interfering with your day-to-day life, your guides and loved ones in spirit will likely fixate on those issues for more of the session than you’d like. 

This service should be a positive, if sometimes bittersweet, experience. It’s normal to cry or to feel emotional for the rest of the day. It is recommended that you schedule your session for a day when it’s the only “significant” thing you do that day. 

Scheduling your session for the middle of a work day is NOT recommended. If you are rushed, or worried about being overheard while responding to evidence or voicing concerns, you will not get the full benefit of the session. 

Choose a quiet, PRIVATE space with good internet connection for your session. Do not attempt to receive your reading in a public place or in a vehicle with other people. 

Interruptions/distractions should be avoided to the greatest extent possible. The session will be concluded without refund if other adults, children, pets, tv/music, or coworkers disrupt the session. 

PLEASE silence your phones and turn off television. This process requires your complete focus.

Sitting in your personal vehicle for a session is acceptable, but not necessarily recommended for reasons of comfort. 

Take notes during your session. If past loved ones come through in a reading, sometimes the information may be unknown to you. Write it down as it is very common that the information will be remembered or verified later.

For most people, it takes about 6 weeks after the session for all of the information to “make sense.” 

Before you reject a piece of evidence, just write it down. You may be pleasantly surprised later!

Do not ingest non-prescribed, mind-altering substances prior to or during your reading. Alcohol, cigarettes, recreational drugs, and non-prescribed pharmaceuticals will disrupt a reading. I will offer to reschedule your session if I feel substances are an issue. DO NOT begin using a substance during your session, even if it’s a group reading and I’m reading your friend/family member. Treat our Zoom session as though you are sitting in my office. 

In the event that your Spirit visitors want to discuss future events, don’t “worry” about what comes through. When they share information about future events, it’s never with the intent of inducing anxiety. In fact, its meant to make you feel better and more prepared! And remember that you are always in control, as some outcomes are subject to change, depending upon the free-will choices of living people. 

Limitations/ Ethical Boundaries

I am not in the business of “fortune telling” and will not conduct readings solely for that purpose.

I may receive medical information for living people, but it is usually something they are already aware of (to serve as evidence). Please do not schedule a reading for the purpose of obtaining medical information. If I perceive that to be your intent, I will close down the session. No refund will be issued. 

I will not inquire with Spirit on any of the following matters:

  • When someone will die
  • Undiagnosed medical issues
  • Extramarital Affairs
  • Conspiracy theories or true crime
  • Spying on ex spouses/partners, their new partners, or your adult children
  • Possessions/Hauntings (if a paranormal issue comes up, that’s fine, but I’m not going to do a whole reading for it)
  • What everyone in your life thinks of you

If I perceive that you may be suffering from significant mental illness or delusion, I will close down the session, issue a full refund, and urge you to seek treatment. Whether or not you choose to pursue that is entirely a matter of your free will choice. 

If I receive information that suggests that you might benefit from counseling, therapy, or other professional consultation of any kind (including legal or financial), I will mention it, but once again, it is entirely a matter of your free will choice if you decide to pursue that or not. 

If you have any questions at all about anything in the Required Reading tab, please do not hesitate to email me directly at

When emailing, please allow 72 hours for a response

Do NOT tell me anything about who you want to connect to on the Other Side.  Spirits come in as they choose. They cannot be forced.

I insist upon entering sessions “blind.”

I will reject your inquiry for service if this policy is violated.

Thank you so much, I look forward to connecting with you.