February is the month of transition as we can almost see and hear those buds of Spring! In The East, this is the time to prepare, celebrate, and welcome the “return of Spring.” The Gaelic holiday, “Imbolic” is celebrated on February 1st, to mark the halfway mark, and ushers us into a month of beginning our transition into the awakening of Spring. Mother Nature’s New Year.

To celebrate this time, “Cupid” makes his appearance, and begins shooting his darts into the hearts of those who are ready for love. The strings of destiny start to weave and love is everywhere.

For this special and sacred month, I am offering these special love bundles. Infused, blessed, and created for those who want to work with opening their hearts to self-love, new love, or sweetening the relationship they already have.

These special love bundles ARE specially crafted for you, your intentions, your energy, and to help you attract and feel the love within you and around you.

Inside these bundles are:

*Blessed sand from the Lunar New Year Blessing and other herbs and crystals for your blessing

*Special hand-crafted love ritual oils for your specific intention

*Heart Rose Quartz stone that will be dressed and fixed with the energies and blessings

*Ancestor money to invite your powerful ancestors to help you

*Lucky coins or penny to invite prosperity blessings

*Wrapped in Red Cloth and string to represent love, destiny, and your ancestors

Each bundle is hand crafted for you and will be sent out after the blessing.

These bundles are for those who would like:

*To heal issues of self-hatred and step into self-love

*Enhance attraction and magnetism to feel more confidence while dating or in relationship

*Work on a subconscious level to create a fertile ground for your relationships to bloom

*Heal past relationships and scars to get back into self-love, self-healing, and prepare for a new relationship

*Cleanse your heart of negative energies

*Heal toxicity and bring in new vibrations

*Strengthen and sweeten your current relationship

*Bring in stronger love ties to help you nurture and care for your relationship

*Make your partner sweeter on you

*Help Those ready to attract a loving, kind, and committed relationship

*Help Partners who are in a “same old, same old,” or stagnant relationship

Whether it’s self-love, new love, or sweetening your love, these bundles will work their magic.

You can watch your bundle being made live on TikTok and YouTube LIVE on Sun 2/5/23, 2/6/23, 2/7/23, at 8 PM MST. I only have 20 of these bundles, and will only be taking orders until they are sold out.

Each bundle will come with a ceremony packet that all the items needed to create a small ceremony.

Items are small shell, candle, Prayer bundle, and feather. You will also get a sample love oil, and bath salt so you can fully cleanse, prepare, and manifest your heart’s desire!

Please include your full name, birthdate, and if you have a partner their name and birthdate with your order!

This is a physical item, so you will receive it in the mail 3-7 days after your blessing.

There are no refunds on this item

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