Equinox 2022-Nature’s New Year

In this time of changing seasons, we now go from the depth of winter, and begin to see the seeds of winter sprout into the buds of Spring.

This is a most welcome change as Nature’s New Year is now upon us.

Winter is the time we go within. We replenish, we nurture, we learn, we grow, and we overcome the many challenges that come with the coldness of the season. This is the time when the spirit world is strong, dreams speak stronger, hardships become harder, and many people are called to return to the spirit world to become ancestors.

It is a time where we learn to embrace, to let go, and to accept the cycles of life and death. The winter is both nurturing and harsh, and reminds us deeply of what it is to be a human being.

The winter comes with a beauty of stillness, the gentle sound of snow falling onto the earth is a sound of peace, that brings in blessings. The water nurtures the soil, and prepares the vegetation for the seeds that will soon be sprouting. Without winter, growth cannot happen. For those who live in spaces and places where winter is long and harsh, there is a different depth and level of growth that happens.

As someone who grew up with long cold winters, and later moved to places where winter was shorter, milder, and sometimes non-existent, I understand how winter can really influence our life, and teach us things that we could never learn if the environment wasn’t challenging. I remember when I lived in Seoul, South Korea after college to be an English teacher, I had a room mate from Cape Town, South Africa. The first day we arrived into our new apartment, she suddenly jumped up, and ran outside. I quickly followed her to see what the commotion was, her face filled with so much joy and excitement for it was the first time she had seen snow. I quickly took a picture of her, and she was so delighted.

After a few weeks of walking around in very cold temperatures, teaching in cold buildings, and walking around the city freezing despite the many layers of clothing, her excitement quickly waned. She began to see the beauty of winter fade, as the reality of winter began to set in. During that winter, we both experienced many hardships. Living in a foreign country away from our friends and family, teaching at a new school, isolation, long working hours, cultural misunderstandings, and the many challenges of being foreigners in a big city.

After three months of freezing temperatures, and laying on our heated floors, and adjusting to our new lives; the winds of spring began to blow in, as the cherry blossoms bloomed. The overwhelming smell of the new buds, with the rain, was so refreshing. The rain cleansed the winter fog, and Mother Nature reminded us that in an instant everything can change. In Spring, all of Seoul began to come out its winter cave. It was during this time in my life, when I really appreciated and understood the power of this change of season.

Since that time, Spring has remained with me as a time when Mother Nature gifts us the gift of rebirth.

For after death; there is rebirth.

As we move out of the winter time, we begin to see new horizons. Spring brings in a cleansing energy, optimism for the future, and the desire to plant new seeds. We fix our homes, we redecorate, we clean out old closets, and we freshen our spaces. We look forward to the new opportunities that summer will grow, and we heal from the challenges and lessons that winter brought in. Spring is the time where we reevaluate, we gather in community, and we look forward to a new cycle emerging in our lives.

Spring invites us to find and accept new opportunities for creativity, to develop and enhance our skills, and to move forward into the energies with new ideas and innovation.

For this year of 2022 ,requires creativity to prosper. As the outer circumstances of our world begin to take shape, and the influences begin to push us into new arenas of self-development and growth, we must remember the hope and beauty that comes with a closing of one cycle, and the dawning of a new cycle.

Our world is now entering into a time of extreme change and growth. Nothing stays the same. Just as Mother Earth moves in cycles, so do we. The more we are able to embrace these changes with grace; the easier the letting go will be.

After winter we now see our lives differently. What we were unable to let go of previously, will come back around as opportunities, helping us to release and accept the beauty of new seeds that can bloom.

Spring is a time to rejoice. As those who have passed the winter of their lives, now have the opportunity to grow and proper as we welcome in the new beginning.

To all those who passed this winter, may we honor them by living our best lives, and remember the sacredness of this life. The ancestors called many spirits to join them this last cycle, and it is a great reminder to the living, that this life is a sacred gift. At any moment, we can be called to return to the Spirit World.

It is our sacred responsibility to live our best lives to honor all those who came before us.

For after Winter, there is Spring. The greatest gift is the reminder that everything changes, nothing remains the same.

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