Love Warriors Stand Tall

Today in my meditation, I was taken to one of the darkest times in our human history. A place of the darkest shadow of our not-so- distant past- the genocide and murder of innocent people at Auschwitz and across Europe from Nazi Germany. The Holocaust . Yes of course, none of us want to go to this place, but when taken there, we must go there to remind us of how atrocities occur. We must heal the trauma’s of the past, so that we do not repeat them. 

In my vision, I was reminded that it was “HATE” that fuels all acts of violence and murder. But, most strinkingly it was the “SILENCE” of the people who watched as their neighbors were hauled off into certain death… It was the SILENCE that killed over 60 million people, and it was SILENCE that allowed hate to rule the people. 

It was neighbors who allowed the innocent men, women, and children to be slaughtered…

It was the governments that “sold” and in some cases “paid” to have their own people executed.

It was neighbors who called and reported where innocent people hid fearing for their life.

It was neighbors who took their fellow neighbors to hell.

Those closest to the innocent who were slaughtered watched as the government “legally” took them off to never return. It was the people living next to them, raising their children next to them, the people they shared a street with, and knew them by their name who turned their backs, and closed their blinds, as their neighbors were hauled away to certain death. 

It was the neighbors who allowed them to be taken, and justified murder by staying quiet.

It is a shocking reminder that when we are SILENT, we are more deadly. When we sit in SILENCE, we become murderers unknowingly. When we say, “oh well…better him/her than me…” ” There’s NOTHING I CAN DO…” OR “It’s better to be quiet than cause problems.”

We kill innocence.

The Soldiers who strategized murder, hated so violently that they didn’t see their neighbors as humans, they were too far gone into their hatred. They saw them as garbage, a waste of life, forgetting they were people living ordinary lives just like them. They had unhealed wounds from childhood, deep rage, and saw their neighbors as scapegoats for all that was “wrong” in the world. They lived from their shadows with no light to be seen.

Instead of seeing their neighbors as people just like them; people who wanted the best for their kids, who owned businesses, and contributed to the whole of society. They instead choose to let hate guide them down the dark alleys of murder and destruction.

It was not just the Jewish who were taken, it was the disabled, foreigners, homosexuals, people of color, it was anyone who was perceived as “different” and “less than.” Millions of Russians were killed, political activists, and women and children. It was hatred in it’s ugliest and nastiest forms, and is a slippery slope of choice.

The choice to love or hate.

This is a stark and chilling reminder that Nazi Germany never ended. Yes, we ended the gas chambers, we ended WWII, but in many ways Nazi Germany became bigger and more global.

How many wars right now are seized because of this attitude?

How many neighbors across the globe are turning away in “silence”?

How many innocent people have to be murdered, robbed, and beaten before we neighbors STAND UP, and say NOT ON MY WATCH? 

Across the USA we have “ghettos” where people of color are shot everyday. We have “reservations” that are known by the government as “war camps” where people are lacking water, food, jobs, and adequate health care. While these places may not be concentration camps, they are far from the suburbs where the grass is green and food is plenty.

We have a massive slaughtering everyday of innocent animals, who by the billions are factory farmed in concentration farms where they are forced to suffer in horrible ways, murdered unethically, beaten, and slaughtered all in the name of “food.” Just because they are “animals” does that give us the right to abuse them because we think they “tastes good?” 

We are now on the precipitous of great change and transition. The change will not come from ONE, but MANY. It comes by us standing strong in the face of HATE as LOVE WARRIORS, and saying “NOT ON MY WATCH.” 

I will not allow the slaughtering of people, animals, children, and Mother Earth all in the name of Hate. 

I will not be a witness to the injustice and war any longer, and I will stand up in the name of LOVE.

I will stand proud against HATRED and IGNORANCE in the name of what is just and right. I will stand in Unity against hate in it’s ugliest form, and I will be a LIVING LIGHT for all of humanity.

We can stop the global Holocaust that occurs everyday somewhere on the globe. We can stop it by standing up together, RISING into UNITY and saying “I AM A LOVE WARRIOR”


This is what it is to be a LOVE WARRIOR. 

This is what will change the planet. LOVE. 


Love is not a concept, a feeling, or belief.

Love is ACTION. Love is in every breath.

It is the whisper of one soul to another that says,


Love and Blessings to all the LOVE WARRIORS,

May you know them, and become them. 

Song Bird Grand Mother

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