Surrender to the Great Mystery

Here we meet at the New Year, a time where we step into the new calendar year and embrace the unknown ready to be created.

For those who are ready to embrace a new beginning–the wind is blowing in, as the old shuts behind.

What would you like to release from the old at this time?

What balance are you seeking in your life?

The New Year brings Great Mysteries of a time unknown. The time before time was time. If you can imagine such a time…

Early on my Medicine Path, I was told in ceremony, “whether it takes ten years…or ten-thousand years, Grand Mother will wait.” Grand Mother has all the time in the world to wait for all her children to awaken to the truth within. Everything that is “uncomfortable” is an opportunity to “surrender deeper.”

When life brings in chaos, the remedy is to surrender.

Relinquish “control” and allow your highest, deepest self to emerge anew.

Trust in the seeds of a new beginning, and look to those who’ve come before for wisdom going forward.

The teaching for this time is to “surrender to the Great Mystery.” She waits for all, and in the meantime she devours us whole. When we wait on her time, we truly never know what we will get. We can get fire, rain, hurricanes, or pure calmness.

Grand Mother moves in “mysterious ways.” Only she can know which way she will move. However, she always gives us warnings, clues, messages If we are open to listening to the messages is up to us.

The process of “enlightenment” has always been a process of internal growth. It is the process of bringing out the greatest treasures within for the service of all. It is the process to become “all that you are,” and to give ALL-TO-ALL.” In these times of rapid growth, development, and awakening, the reminder is that the Great Mysteries are ALL within.

The mysteries of the past are seeds for our future.

What does this mean?

It means that the mysteries inside your DNA hold seeds for who you are, and who you are becoming.

The purpose of Spirituality, and going within is to un-cover and em-body the treasures locked within your blood. When you know who came before you, you know what you are made of. Many living in our time have lost their “Ancient Records” and are finding them once again. There are many ways to “un-lock the mysteries within” one way is to ask elders in your family for stories, and begin putting together a family tree. You can go deeper and get a genetic DNA test, you can meditate in the silence asking your highest self, “who are my ancestors?” You can sit with a guide to help you open your records. Nature has all the answers.

As we balance, harmonize, and go higher in our awakening, the call now is to go DEEPER into the essence of who you are. Stand tall and shine bright with your ancestors, bring their healing light, wisdom, and strengths to this world. More than ever we need to bring together a new foundation. This foundation begins with the knowing of who we are, where we’ve been, and where we are going. It requires a balancing of the light and dark/ fear and love.

Going forward the main teaching and reminder is:

There are two roads. Love or Fear. Which do you choose?

The road of love is grounded in who you are, it’s in your bones, your DNA, your history, your life.

The road of fear is grounded in what you are not. The programming, training, behaviors, thoughts, and emotions that cover your ancient self.

As we go deeper now, it’s time to embody the real you, the authenticity waiting to be revealed.

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