Who Am I

Originally Written April 2020

Who AM I?

I AM the knowingness.

I love to know.

I AM the path of righteous knowing.

I know, and I long to know more.

Who AM I?

I AM truth.

Truth flows through me, as I allow all of my truths to come forward.

I find peace deep within my soul.

Who AM I?

I AM love.

I AM courage.

I AM the stability, in the instability, and the rock in the midst of change.

I AM the knowing who sits in the middle of all that is.

Who AM I?

I AM the wave.

What wave?

The wave of beauty.

I appreciate beauty.

The beauty of a sunrise, the simplicity of the sunset.

The breeze on my face.

It is all beauty.

It is all me.

I AM nature.

Who AM I?

I AM the great unknown.

I know. To not know. To know.

Life is a wave of love.

I AM both the wave.

I AM the storm.

I AM the calmness.

I AM the mystery.

I AM metaphor.

I AM truth.

I AM calm.

Who AM I?

I AM contemplation.

As I allow reflection, my soul breathes.

As I allow chaos; balance comes.

As I allow negative; positive arrives.

As I allow balance.

Harmony resides.

Who AM I?

I AM the ALL that I seek.

I AM both the seeker and the found.

I AM above; and below.


A culmination of lifetimes lives, and lifetimes to come.

Who AM I?

I AM a game changer.

Here to change the game.

I came for balance.

I came for wholeness.

I came for light.

I came for dark.

Who AM I?

I AM divine.

I AM all that I know.

I AM all that I don’t know.

Who AM I?


I AM a body.

I AM a mind.

I AM Spirit.

I AM a soul.

I AM a spark of divinity.

I AM happy.

I AM free.

I AM here.

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