The Return of the Goddess

Originally Written July 2018

This is a post for all the Goddesses rising into their power, a healing and clearing for the Divine inside.

An opportunity to erase, clear, align, and heal the deep core of having no voice, bending to other’s wills, and never truly getting what you want in life.

You have been through unspeakable, unmentionable abuses, traumas, and disconnection. In ways both known and unknown, all women, across all seas, have experienced trauma on some level because they are a woman living on the Earth, at this time, and in this place.

In these times of “woman rising,” the wounded feminine is on fire, burning, purifying, and dissolving lifetimes of wounded mothers, aunties, daughters, grand mothers, grand daughters, and sisters who have endured trauma after trauma to become silent and passive.

While we as “Western women,” have it much “easier” than women of the past, we still live under the umbrella of what once was.

In fact many women of a certain age, have seen the progress and can attest to things as they “used to be.”

But, in the “advancement” of women, we have also lost something. We have lost our femininity our “receiving,” our connection to the divinity within.

As women establish empires, run companies, raise families, and “do it all,” they are not granted the same privileges as the grand mothers of past who embodied the feminine; and only the feminine.

Now only women of “privilege” can stay at home and be full time mothers. Not all women want to work, and not all women want to stay at home.

But, in this day and age, many are not given a “choice,” but are “expected,” and in some cases, “required,” to fulfill the role of both the man and the woman.

This imbalance has driven the masculine into overdrive. Now men have to compete with men and women. Not just at work, but at home, and in the bedroom.

In the past, there were clearly defined roles, and while breaking down boundaries and glass ceilings, has led to many dreams fulfilled and milestones for “career women.”

Success has also come with an exaggerated masculine and a depleted feminine.

The choice for a woman to have a career or family isn’t a choice for most anymore. They can do both. And, in doing both, the feminine suffers, due to lack of support.

In this unseen “choice,” something has to give, and most often it is self-care, time alone, and self-reflection, and nurturing that becomes last on the list.

Women are overwhelmed with responsibilities, expectations, and dual roles that are leaving the masses angry, unhappy, and dead inside.

The Zombie apocalpse is very real for many people living in our “modern” world. As the frequency raises, and awakening happens, more women are now asked to step into their “FEMININITY” and will find it is a completely different feeling than they are used too.

The delimma is how do we move forward as Goddesses in a world ruled by the wounded masculine?

How do we as “women” reclaim our ancient power, and remain true to our femininity?

For it is wonderful to be multi-talented and multi-tasked, and both feminine and masculine, however, without the sisterhood in tact life becomes grueling and overwhelming.

Now as we come into a time of purification and creation of “what’s next,” it’s time to really go deep within the darkness of femininity and rise into the remembering of who we are, and what we are here to do.

In many parts of the world, women are still experiencing trauma on profound levels, and it is up to the western women to awaken, so that we can stand together for other women in the world who are suffering in ways unimaginable.

In the West, everyday women are silenced in ways that are culturally accepted. Everyday women say things like:

“Oh, that’s okay…”

“I’m sorry…

“Do you need anything?”

“Which one would you like…”

“I’ll shut up now.”

The worst way that women in the West lose their power is in silence. They shut their truth down and only play in shallow waters, even in the face of everything wrong, women have been trained to say and do nothing.

We are taught to be the “nice girl,” and not “create waves.”

Sound familiar Goddesses?

Women have been culturally programmed to serve. Service is a good thing when it comes from a pure heart, but this service I am speaking of is service to others out of condition.

What does this mean?

It means we are culturally programmed to be “nice” and to allow others to treat us badly. To be nice to avoid hurting the other. Therefore, telling ourselves that our feelings and thoughts don’t matter as much.

Where does this typically show up? In our relationships with spouses, friends, and others who correspond with us.

It appears in our interactions at work, the professions we choose, and how we raise our children.

When we have weak or loose boundaries aka “power,” it is like a sign over our heads that says:

“walk all over me,” and I will show you how to injure me, and help you to clean your dirty shoes on my back.

It’s the “nice girl” syndrome that plagues our world today, and just as the Goddess Pele rises, and expands and creates, “the nice girl” is no more.

What is the energy we are working with?

Purification. Rising Up. Knowing your Worth.


Boundaries equals Respect.

How you treat yourself, is how the world treats you.

How you treat another creates opportunity.

How you present yourself is what you attract.

The Goddess is now rising into woman power, reclaiming ancient parts of herself that have been denied, repressed, suppressed, and are now releasing into the world, showing her FULL power.

She is awakening from an ancient slumber, and within all women she is claiming her stake.

She is speaking up, she is rising up, and she is on the up and up.

Woman is rising into parts of herself foreign and new. 

Parts of her ancient past where she was strong and proud.

Where she walked as a Queen, and knew her worth.

Woman is rising, and with this comes de-programming.

Deep de-programming of who you are, who you were, what you know, and what “they” told you, you were.

The ways you have been demeaned, raped, assaulted, injured, controlled, manipulated, abused, and enslaved.

This is a deep time for the Feminine. A masterful time of truth and glory. A time where woman stands in her full authentic power.

Where the darkness dissolves, so the light can emerge.

This is a time where all truths unspoken, find voices, and emerge from the depths of the core, where it has been hidden since ancient times.

Yes, it is a time of deep healing, a return to power within, and manifestation like never before.

It’s a time of Sisterhood, helping each other in deeper ways, and expanding Mentally, Spiritually, Emotionally, Physically, and Psychologically.

It’s a time of rising into speaking out, standing up, having strong boundaries, and respecting yourself.

Boundaries is respect.

You and You alone are responsible for how others treat you.

How you react is how they respond. Hold your space and they will obey.

What you allow is what will continue; and what you tolerate will bring you up or down.

Through this time of purification, it is best to watch, learn, and respond to what life is bringing you from a deeper understanding.

To be “spiritual” is not to avoid the earth,

and to be “materialistic” is not to avoid the spirit.

What does this mean?

It means to rise into power, we must balance both.

We must balance the spiritual with the physical.

We must merge who we are, with where we are going, and we must remain in honesty and integrity.

In these times where the floor is expanding, and new territories are formed and claimed, it is a time where women choose the destiny of the world.

Through their boundaries they say what will and will not be tolerated. Through their power of righteousness and courage, women can change the world. 

It is not the power of might, or the dollar, that will change this world.

It is the power of love, compassion, and standing up in the face of everything wrong, to say “this is wrong, and I will not tolerate this.”

For in non-tolerance, women stand in their power for their bodies, their minds, their children, and Mother Earth.

Women are now rising into their Goddess Self. The Feminine glory of who we used to be.

The WOMBAN who remained intact. The Triple Goddess who was maiden, mother, and crone. She was joyful, nurturing, and wise. She was emotional and rational; truthful, and understanding.

She was, and is, the medicine for this imbalanced world.

The key going forward for all who read this is to: trust in your heart, speak up, find your voice, and come together.

Practice and hold your boundaries, demand your worth, and receive your glory.

You are the receivers of this world. The giving comes from receiving. If you do not receive, you cannot do.

Receive your missions, and the mission will reveal itself.

This is a time of deep unknowns. 

Creation is in process. 

Manifestation is in your hands.

As the tides shift, and as the GODDESS rises, the unknown becomes more unrestful. 

The waking dead are angry, despondent, lost, and confused. 

The artificial is deeply entrenched into the destruction of the world. It is up to the awakened ones to do their work, and RECEIVE their divine missions.

The future is not yours, it is the children’s. The children are here to change the world. They cannot receive their missions if we do not receive our own.

This is the dawning of the fourth world, and the rising of the fifth. Ancient prophecy speaks of this time. However, nobody, and I mean nobody knows what this time will look like, feel like, taste like, or sound like.

It is a massive co-creation of every human, plant, animal, and blade of grass. It is both galactic, cosmic, and practical.

It is everything, because everything is changing.

This change is not over night, it is not over a decade, it is not even centuries, IT IS NOW.

It is with every breath, every exhale, every sound, and every boundary.

It is the awakening. It is now, and it is YOU.

You are the change you wish to see in the world.

This is not a slogan, this is a fact.

Rise up Goddess. Rise up.

Honor your speech,

Honor your commitments,

Be in the FLOW,

But remain on the ground.

Stay humble,

Be Love,

Know that you are supported,

As you step boldly forward into a time of bliss, joy, and good works.

To the eclipse, and beyond,

Love and Blessings,

Song Bird Grand Mother

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