Great Awakening

Originally Written in March of 2020 during the Global Lock Down

Those of us who have been through the early initiations of “Awakening” can remember the deep grief, sadness, and collapse of our lives.

Waking up is hard to do.

There are many of us authentic. Shamans, Herbalist, healers, spiritual advisors, yoga instructors, meditation teachers, medicine people, and way-showers.

We have known about this time of 2020, have been preparing, growing, evolving, and training for this time.

While the rest of the world “kept doing with blinders on,” unaware of what was to come, we kept receiving, growing, clearing, and connecting.

We now welcome you our relatives who are going through the first waves of awakening.

In Awakening everything goes.

Money…Poof there it went

Toxic Relationships….goodbye

Doing?….no you have to sit still and really FEEL what’s in your heart.

Awakening is the stripping of everything you “thought” you were, everything “you judged,” and everything you held so tightly onto.

You lose the “doing,” and now “receive”

Instead of valuing money, you value time, relationships, and purpose.

What comes when the big storm clears is love, compassion, community, knowing your purpose, and a kinder loving person.

Or Physical Death.

In this time it is “shift it up, or shift it out.”

Awakening is the “thief who comes in the night.” You feel unprepared, unready, and out of sorts.

Many emotions come and go, you have to confront your deepest fears, and death is inevitable. Death of old memories, death of programming, and sometimes death of those we love dearly.

With every wave, a great clearing happens, and the heart and mind begin to unite. It’s never easy navigating the waves.

It’s a never-ending journey this journey into en-lighten-ment, but with every passing wave whether a tsumani or ripple, we always gain MUCH MORE than is ever “lost.” Humanity is rising up. We are evolving into true character, strength, integrity, and love.

We are remembering how to treat one another with love and compassion. We are clearing old traumas we carry.

We are honoring our elderly.

We are healing.

This is the GRAND RISING of humanity.

Mother now becomes Grand Mother.

Grand Mother cleans house. She disciplines her children, she loves and adores them.

She only wants us to remember that we are birthed in and through her precious soil, and no different than a flower or bird, we all share the same Grand Mother.

It’s time to rise up, and accept this is our destiny.

Grand Mother’s Back! Let’s all work together to honor her WILL.

Song Bird Grand Mother

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