Listen Within

In the middle of survival; take a breath.

Go deeper into the innocence within.

Erase the thoughts, before the thought.

Enter The Dream before the reality.

The place of the void, the mystery, the depth.

In this time and space there is nothing, but being.

This place where all the noise from the outside fades,

The worries, doubts, and plagues disappear.

Deep within you is the hollow bones you seek.

Deep within you is a dream waiting to manifest.

Deep within you is all the answers.

In a world, that demands your attention.

Give in– to none.

Take what you have deep within, and grow it into your reality.

Speak the truth in your heart,

First to yourself,

Then to others.

Share what you feel.

Even when your voice shakes,

Share what you see,

Even if your eyes are blurry.

Stand tall in the truth you know.

Listen with compassion.

But, stick to your values.

Be alert and aware,

Without fear or doubt.

There is a world on fire.

Be the water.

Chaos is power.

Use it wisely.

All the answers lay deep within.

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