Journey Inward

Only Grand Mother Earth knows what’s to come next. In this time of uncertainty and “time out” there is only the unknown. 

Hard times bring out the best and worst in humanity. We can see the “true colors” when put under pressure and stress. Some will rise, and others will fall. 

It’s all accepted in this ceremony.

The waves will come and go. There will be tiny waves, and big waves. 

This is a journey of evolution. 

The only way through this is IN. Be kind, stay compassionate; others around you, may not be able to support you. 

Only you can support and nurture yourself the best way. Self-care is crucial at this time.

Remember the little things like breathing, meditation, yoga, herbal tea, eating healthy, drinking enough water, and nourishing yourself. Stay calm and present as best you can.

At this time most cannot even touch you physically. Everyone is going through grief and sadness on some level. 

Most do not even know it. It may express itself as shock, anger, resentment, hatred, old memories, anxiety, and depression.

In the coming weeks, months, and years, we as a human species will be evolving back to our ancient roots of community, caring for one another, and living with the Earth. 

Everything happening now is for our highest good, and it will not be “easy,” but everyone alive now is “built for this time,” and has been here before. 

This is the most sacred time to be alive. Only the strong would sign up for such a journey. Remember you are a warrior. 

The cream rises in this time, and the crud is falling.

Let it all go, and let’s hold each other in love. 

Love is the way forward. Fear is the greatest teacher of how to remain loving no matter the storm.

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