Ancestral Healing

We are the echo of our ancestors.

Our ancestors always honored and had deep respect for those who came before.

The ancient rituals, songs, and prayers still linger in the air.

These ancient teachings are scattered in the four directions held by Indigenous people around the world.

In the West, the remnants appear broken.

They are hidden, out of sight.

They only reveal themselves to those who are ready, willing, and able to hold the powerful energies.

Like water this ancient power flows to the places and spaces where it will be protected, revered,

and held sacred.

The ancient ones knew that there is a power in revering and honoring those who came before. Each person is the “echo” of the past, and we see this echo everyday when we look in the mirror. The nose you have is the nose of your grandmother, the face shape you have is the shape of your great grandfather, and so on. Every part of you has been assembled based on how your DNA came together to create a new memory, based on an ancient memory of those who came before.

It only makes sense, that we should honor, protect, and celebrate those who gifted us these sacred memories.

However, in this time and space, especially in the USA, we are spiritually poor when it comes to honoring the ancestors. Most people do not know, are afraid of, don’t believe in, or think it is “savage” or repulsive to honor the ancestors. Over the years, I have been somewhat amused, shocked, and even saddened at the lack of respect the contemporary culture gives to the spiritual world. This lack of respect has led to so many ailments, disruptions, destruction, and suffering that plagues so many in this time and space. While many are “materially” wealthy, they are spiritually poor. It’s amazing how many people who are wealthy, famous, and have everything they could “want,” inside are miserable, have very poor family relations, and suffer deeply due to ancestral traumas.

When we no longer honor the ancestors things like depression, anxiety, addiction, pedophilia, chaotic mind, selfishness, greed, laziness, loss of direction, weaknesses, and many challenges can arise.

We see it very clearly in the Native American communities where ceremony, and spiritual practices were purposefully and forcefully removed from the communities, and it wasn’t until 1979 when it was “legal” for Native people to resume their ceremonies. Of course, after hundreds of years of colonization, boarding schools, and genocide, most ceremonies were left in shambles, and those who were able to maintain the ceremonies operated in secret where only a few benefited.

Due to this disconnection, we see many Natives suffering with addiction, depression, suicide, and other problems that before colonization didn’t exist.

Those who were born of European roots, also suffered the same fate in Europe. But, their genocide occurred hundreds and even thousands of years before the colonization of America. So, the generational pain of disconnection is buried much deeper, and often times requires much more digging.

No matter your ancestry, somewhere deep inside there was an ancient lineage, an ancient heritage, that at one time had deep respect, honor, and reverence for all life. This included the spirt world. The animals, the trees, the water, and the ancestors.

If we look deep into ancient culture, we will find that our ancient ancestors had rituals, ceremonies, and sacred festivals where they would honor their ancestors.

In Asia, many of the ancient rituals have been preserved, and are still in-tact. In those countries where the ancestral rites are still performed we see more harmony and flow with family relations, less addiction, and more personal happiness.

We see a deeper sense of peace and blessings. There is more of a spiritual connection with life, and a humanity that touches the soul.

The knowing in these ancient cultures is that the ancestors are just a knock away. When we feed them, remember them, and honor them, they help us when we knock.

Due to generational trauma, colonization, war, and destruction, many are now beginning to understand this ancient connection, and are beginning to do the work necessary to feed the ancestral spirits and reestablish connection. There is much healing to be done, in these “dry lineages,” and much acknowledgement and honoring to do to heal the present and future generations.

If you are interested in re-establishing this connection, and see what the ancestral realms have to communicate with you. We can schedule an intuitive healing session and go deeper into your ancestral roots.

In this intuitive healing session focused on ancestral healing, we will see what ancestors are working with you, how to feed them, build an altar, and go in-depth on the repetitive patterns causing destruction in your life and the life of your children.

For deeper honoring, and healing, we can do a ceremony to heal, cleanse, and remove any ancestors who died through trauma, pain, and disruption. These ancestors unknowingly cause pain and suffering and are often referred to as “hungry ghosts” or malevolent spirits. These ancestors were unloved and neglected both in their physical life and spiritual after life.

When we balance these energies and send these spirits to better spaces, people notice many obstacles lift, clarity, peace, and a sense of optimism. Often times sleep is balanced, opportunities present themselves, and healing of self-destructive habits diminish. Children benefit from the reconnection of their ancestry, and it is a wonderful gift to give your children the wisdom of who they are, where they come from, and how to honor their ancestors. No matter your religion or beliefs, there are many ways to honor your ancestors, and it is not dependent on your individual belief system. Ancestral veneration can be done by anyone, anywhere.

Ancestral healing is the most important work for anyone who suffers from generational trauma, heartache, and repetitive patterns that disturb peace of mind and peace of heart. It is my solid belief that this is the most important thing we can do to heal our past, present, and future at this juncture in time.

For as the saying goes, “those who do not know their past, are doomed to repeat it.”

If you are ready, willing, and able to do this powerful work, I look forward to being the wayshower and facilitator to your journey back to the ancestors.

There are 3 ways to work with Ancestral Healing:

1.Spirit offering out in nature, where Song Bird Grand Mother will create a ceremony in nature for you with food and water, she will sing songs and prayers to call in your ancestors, and feast them asking them for help, guidance, healing, and to feed your lineage.

2. Ancestral Healing Session where Song Bird Grand Mother will connect with your ancestors and see which ancestors are helping you, how to feed them, build an altar, and go in-depth on the repetitive patterns causing destruction in your life and the life of your children.

3. Ancestral Healing Session & Ceremony where Song Bird Grand Mother will do a deeper honoring, and healing, with ceremony to heal, cleanse, and remove any ancestors who died through trauma, pain, and disruption. These ancestors unknowingly cause pain and suffering and are often referred to as “hungry ghosts” or malevolent spirits.

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