The Shift is Now

This is a word thrown around, you hear it in various spiritual communities. Downloads, uploads, awakening, ascension, 5D, Age of Aquarius, these are all words making their way into the “mainstream.” Yoga, meditation, holistic healing, and veganism are all on the rise, as we move into the coming years there will be more and more people rising into new frequencies.

More people are learning alternative healing methods such as Reiki, Energy healing, crystal therapy, and returning to the ancient healing plants. This is the time where we see people leaving their “jobs,” and turning their high mortgages into “tiny houses” and living off “grid.” All of this is Shifting consciousness. People are freeing themselves from the 9–5 grind, and opting for community living, roommate sharing, and living as our ancestors once did and still do in remote areas of the world.

At the same time, as consciousness rises, we are seeing a rise in war, greed, destruction of trees and wildlife. More species are going extinct in record numbers. Many are getting sick with cancer and disease. As some wildlife goes extinct, others that were “believed” to be extinct are coming back.

What is up, is now down, and what is down is now up. Things in the world are not as they seem, and as we go forward into the 2020’s many things will change and shift according to our vibration and were we align too mind, body, and spirit.

With the coming of 5G technology and the “Roaring 20’s,” it’s time to go deeper into the fires of what this means, where we are in space and time, and what to do as we face change and transformation.

Living in a place like Sedona, the “new age” capital of the world, I have seen and heard so many “theories” and “channelings,” and witnessed many “fads.” From the Guru’s to the Tao Masters, to the cult leader, here in Sedona there is a space for all alternative thinkers and ways of understanding. There is a way of understanding for everyone, with the biggest teacher the land. This ancient ceremony land is filled with prayers sang, fires lit, and waters blessed in these sacred Red Rocks. During the Shift more and more will be called to sacred sites such as Sedona to heal, align, and shift into higher frequencies.

In these modern times, people from all over the world come here to Sedona, using her as a hub to meet, to gather, to discuss, heal, grow, and learn. The common denominator that I have come to is, “we all feel the Earth is changing, and we are here and built for these times.” Those who find their way to Sedona have an opportunity to re-birth and transform. Some will stay and leave, others will stay and serve, and many will come to rejuvenate and return home to go serve their own families and communities.

From the “far out” galactic “woo woo,” to the “dark agenda’s conspiracy theories,” to the Original traditions, here in Sedona there are so many voices singing the “Shift” that it is a template for what is possible when we decide to Shift higher.

The Earth is Shifting, the magnetic pole is shifting, and the truth is hidden in plain sight. The world’s conditions are all pushing us to greater evolution. Scientist have noticed and are alarmed at how fast the Earth is moving. A polar shift is in the making. Beyond Global Warming, we are living in a time where Earth is dropping her density. Like a woman changing her dress, Mother Earth is dropping weight, shes’ exercising, she’s marching towards a new life.

Whether we like it or not, everyone on the planet is being asked to move it or lose it.

Will the North become the South, and the South become the North?

The Earth has been through these changes before, in times past the people of the Earth were more connected, they understood, they worked with her, and went through the shifts as they came and went. There was plenty of oil in the ground for her to shift smoothly. Ancient trees helped her to move through transition and assisted all life to survive. With a rise in pipelines, fracking, deforestation, and a number of man-made destruction, we are in the unknown zone. With the coming of the greatest technology we have seen at this time and space, we are in for electromagnetic frequencies unlike anything our minds, bodies, and spirits have ever been exposed too. As 5G and beyond rolls out, self-care, self-love, and intuition are critical for survival. Those who listen to the forest within will thrive. Those who cannot hear the trees and forest will suffer greatly.

How will Earth Shift in this time and age?

Now in our time, technology is on the rise, 5G is here pulsating frequencies that “wake up the dead,” and microwave the body day and night. These pulsating energies are designed to push us into the Shift and there are greater Spiritual reasoning behind these pushes beyond faster internet. 5G uses ancient technologies and emits frequencies that will push us into creation or destruction.

What we focus on mind, body, and spirit is now what will manifest faster and faster. Those who can rise into greater love will Shift with grace. Those who cannot will continue to spiral into self-destruction. The energies will continue to speed up as we go into the next decade and decades to come.

The weather will continue to be manipulated, the wildlife will continue to die, until we as humans wake-up, and rise-up into unconditional love.

All of these conditions are pushing us in the greatest ways to:

Shift up or Shift out. Will we as humans wake-up, come together? Will we return to the knowing and remembering of who we are deep inside? Can we love one another no matter what?

No matter your political views, religious ideology, and/or wealth and status, can you rise up to love humanity unconditionally?

These are the higher understandings behind what is occurring at this time.

Those who can rise up, live in the unconditional, and serve the greater good, will Shift with ease.

Those stuck in old paradigms of hatred, anger, judgment, and reaction will find a long hard road.

As we rise, we RISE TOGETHER.

The Shift is not about how “spiritual” you are, but how balanced you are. It requires an alignment of mind, body, and spirit, and taping into the HIGHER frequencies of the heart.

We are here to remember:

The wisdom of walking with the Earth.

The innocence of loving unconditionally.

Honoring our Ancestors and the 7 generations to come.

Working together in Unity.

Letting go of judgment and fear.

The shift is in full effect.

The consciousness of mind, body, and spirit is more important. Loving one another despite our differences, and taking action on areas that make the planet a better place is what is now required of us. Instead of yelling, complaining, or cursing those around us, we are now called to rise up into action. Rise up into prayer. Rise up into unity.

Divided we fall.

United we succeed.

The choice is ours to love or to fear.

The Shift is Now.

Shift into love, there is no other way.

Love and Blessings,

Song Bird Grand Mother

Original Posting: May 9, 2019:

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