Time to Sweep

We are officially in the month of sweeping. “Ochpaniztli the sweeping of the paths.”

Grand Mother Earth has entered the second half of the year according to the Tonalpohualli. The ancient calendar runs from March to March.

This is the time when Earth becomes the Great Grand Mother who is sweeping all that no longer belongs. She sweeps away the old in preparation for winter, knowing that in Spring new life will bloom again.

In this sacred 20 days we have the opportunity to go deep into releasing and sweeping away old thoughts, behaviors, habits, and remove possessions that no longer fit who we are.

It’s an excellent time to clean the house, smudge, open the windows and clean, clean, clean.

As the leaves fall, we too are asked to LET GO and prepare for stillness and the wisdom of winter.

Happy Sweeping!

2 thoughts on “Time to Sweep

  1. Joanne Beeds says:

    An old man once told me you can get rid of bad spirit’ a that plague your home by pushing them out with the broom. Go figure , it works.


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